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Ok, let’s explore. First, I want to tell you about my book. It’s called Charlie and the Trust Tree. In the book I share with you a story about a situation where I had to make a decision whether to be honest with my parents and how my Trust Tree impacted my decision.

Ashton Sumners is now a 14-year-old middle school student. Trust Tree is based on her own experiences as she adjusted to life in a blended family. After spending the first part of her life as the daughter of a single mother, a new “Dad” came into her life when she was 8 years old. Through open communication and trust, the relationship has grown.  One of the happiest days of her life was when she was formally adopted by her new father and was given the name “Ashton Jaden Charlie Sumners.” Ashton, an honor student, is an avid dog lover who does volunteer work with animals and developmentally challenged children. She lives in Canton, Georgia with her parents, Courtney and Jacob Sumners.